Roli Lumi Keys LKB01 Portable Illuminated Teaching Keyboard System
Roli Lumi Keys LKB01 Portable Illuminated Teaching Keyboard System
Roli Lumi Keys LKB01 Portable Illuminated Teaching Keyboard System
Roli Lumi Keys LKB01 Portable Illuminated Teaching Keyboard System

Roli Lumi Keys LKB01 Portable Illuminated Teaching Keyboard System

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Details & Specs

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A unique keyboard for learning

Learning to play has never been easier. Just follow the lights and colors on the keyboard, which sync with those in the LUMI app. It’s a new approach that’s completely intuitive - and fun!

Amazingly bright, colorful keys

The brightest keyboard ever made, LUMI glows with color. Fresnel lens-inspired whole-key illumination helps you learn music through seeing as much as hearing.

Lightweight, portable design

Play wherever you go. Compact, lightweight and wireless, LUMI Keys travels wherever you want to make music. Add a Snapcase to protect LUMI when you're out and about.

Better sized keys for the average hand  

Each key is uniquely sized at ⅞ the width of standard piano keys, so LUMI better fits the average human hand. You’ll comfortably master techniques, and still be able to translate skills to a traditional keyboard.

Modular and easily expandable

Want to double the size of your LUMI? Just connect another keyboard. With magnetic DNA Connectors on three sides, LUMI expands with a snap and a click.

LUMI is a technological breakthrough, featuring:

Fresnel lens-inspired design

A Fresnel lens, used to magnify light in lighthouses, is flat on one side and ridged on the other. LUMI brings the design to a keyboard for the first time.

Brightkey technology

Groundbreaking Brightkey technology enables RGB (Red-Green-Blue) light to shine from the top to the tip of each of LUMI's key.

DS 5.5-sized keys

Keys are custom sized at 5.5 on the Donison-Steinbuhler scale. Slightly narrower than a standard keyboard's keys, they are more conveniently sized for average human hands.

DNA connectors

ROLI pioneered magnetic DNA connectors for the Lightpad Block. Now on LUMI Keys, they make the keyboard modular and easily expandable just by snapping two LUMIs together.

Deep hardware-software integration

LUMI Keys and the LUMI app are designed from the ground up to integrate, from sound to interactive videos. Bluetooth enables seamless hardware-software connectivity in real time.

LUMI Snapcase

The LUMI Snapcase protects your keyboard when you’re on the go, and snaps back to create a stand for your mobile or tablet.

A protective cover

Carry LUMI anywhere, knowing it’s completely safe under a secure, sturdy cover. 

A LUMI music stand

Fold your case to create a stand to prop up your mobile or tablet. It only takes seconds.

Quality design

Sleek design meets premium materials, including high-grade neodymium magnets.

Three colors

What’s your color? Choose from Blue, Yellow, or Aqua. 

What's Included

  • Lumi controller as shown

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