Bose TriPort Blue Glacier On Ear Stereo Headphones New
Bose TriPort Blue Glacier On Ear Stereo Headphones New
Bose TriPort Blue Glacier On Ear Stereo Headphones New

Bose TriPort Blue Glacier On Ear Stereo Headphones New

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Get high-performance sound in a cool lightweight package with these Bose Slate Gray Triport headphones. Enjoy the full audio spectrum, highs and lows, whether you're plugged into your computer or a portable media player. Features: ergonomic and comfortable lightweight design; soft over-ear cushions; swivel ear-cups; acoustic equalization for delivering audio nuances and intricacies; thin adjustable headband. From the Manufacturer Our most affordable headphones offer proof that high-performance sound can come in a very lightweight package. TriPort headphones deliver the full spectrum of your music whether you're plugged into a computer or on the go with a portable media device. Their ergonomic design keeps them remarkably comfortable and lightweight, even as proprietary Bose headphone technology reveals the rich acoustical landscape of your music.

To go With Bose technology, you dont have to compromise the quality of your audio just because youre listening through a pair of headphones. Our acoustic equalization techniques deliver the rich nuances of your music that conventional headphones often lose. You hear the intricate notes of an acoustic guitar, the full range of vocals and even the beat of a drum with greater clarity and impact. TriPort headphone technology faithfully reproduces deep, full low notes without requiring the artificial bass boost function found on many portable players. Comfortable fit included Advanced ergonomics and lightweight design define the stylish TriPort headphones. Soft ear cushions gently fit around your ear for comfortable listening. A thin, adjustable headband has several head size settings and the earcups swivel for a better fit.

An additional benefit of Bose TriPort headphone technology is that it helps reduce headphone size without sacrificing performance, resulting in a total weight of only five ounces. TriPort headphones put it all together: high-performance sound, comfortable fit

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