Livid Instruments Ohm 64 DJ/Music Production MIDI Control Surface

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Included Accessories - Ohm controller, USB cable

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DJs and producers taking to the stage with elaborate live performances are fast becoming the norm these days. With the rise of these new hybrid DJ/musicians, manufacturers are in a rush to play catch-up and supply them with new performance tools befitting their innovative working methods. The gamut of controllers is growing by the minute, each appearing better than the next, but as is often the case in this post-modern era, mass production and economies of scale tend to take precedence over good old-fashioned, handmade quality and individuality. Simply put, most of these new performance tools tend to look pretty ho-hum – bland and lightweight. So it was perhaps only a matter of time before someone stepped up to deliver a performance controller that could be individually configured and pimped to a performer’s delight. Like the rock star that insists on a Les Paul adorned with custom pickups and an amethyst pearl paint job, the Ohm64 is a well-endowed, handmade controller built by some adroit sonic cowboys in Austin, Texas who call themselves Livid Instruments.

The Ohm64 is a MIDI controller like no other. Designed for those looking to perform audio-visual feats on stage with style, the Ohm64 has a cool bag of tricks up its sleeve whether you’re using it for sound, video or lighting duties. The look of this dazzling controller alone is enough to get anyone curious, and in use it certainly displays some major appeal.

Looking at the Ohm64, the first thing that keeps coming to mind is the term ‘Neo Vintage’. The most obvious physical attribute of the unit is the wooden (yes, wooden) enclosure made from a light hardwood known as Jelutong. Livid offers the unit’s wooden carcass in three finishes: red, blue or lacquered – and will even supply it unfinished for the keen DIY’er who might want to adorn it with his or her own masterpiece.
As you can see from the picture above, the top of the controller is comprised of a whopping 8 x 8 grid of 64 backlit rubber pads, 16 rotary encoders, a horizontal cross-fader, and eight vertical faders. Under each of these faders is a single rubber pad, while a further set of six general-purpose pads appears on the top right. The faders and rotary encoders all feel excellent and solid to the touch. Unfortunately, the encoders don’t rotate through a full 360°, which is preferable for MIDI control – this would have iced the cake in terms of the unit’s functionality. A very light cross fader with a wooden handle also inhabits the traditional bottom-centre position and everything sits under a single sheet of thick laser-cut aluminium, backlit by blue LEDs. The whole unit comes in at around 45 x 27 x 5cm (and under 3kg). It’s certainly the right shape for a backpack and light enough not to weigh you down while on the run between gigs. The Ohm64 is also USB powered but deals with MIDI via the more traditional pair of DIN sockets; one for In, one for Out.

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