Original Rear Storage Luggage Hatch Door Frame Assembly for Airstream Trailers 1969-1980s

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This is the rear window frame for 1969-1980s trailers. For those that have trailers in the grey area of the mid 70s, the easiest way to select the window will be to determine whether your trailer has a rod or flat bar style lifting arm. The rod style was used for mostly single pane windows but also on some glass/plexi windows while the latter design was used for all single pane, and double pane window types. The design of the frame is slightly different and the location on the slot openings varies. 

  • Fits Airstreams from 1969-1980s
  • Original vintage part
  • Window type: NA
  • Positioning arm style: Select your option
  • Outer edge to edge including frame:  Various
  • Window sash opening: Various
  • Glass & sash/door: NA
  • Check out our page on window measurement for more info..
  • Free shipping
  • Condition notes: As these frames are original and vintage, they will likely have caulk residue as well as minor dings that come with age. 
  • Restoration Suggestions: Remove any caulk or adhesive residue, polish aluminum
  • What's included: Window frame only
  • Whats not included: glass, sash, hinge, drip cap, latch strike plate, positioning guides, latches, adjustment arm brackets, adjustment arms, or positioning knobs.

  • A Photo is Worth Roughly 893 Words

    Each part has a story from the road behind that is as unique as you and I. While we certainly guarantee the part to be functional, we cannot account for every single cosmetic detail. We do our best to photograph each part in all of its glory, but sometimes the tiny cosmetic details cannot be seen or are missed. Some of the common cosmetic flaws, common to a part of this period can include: small amounts of corrosion (for aluminum, likely due to steel hardware touching the aluminum), slight bends and dings, rogue rivets or rivet holes. Many of the windows will need a new rubber seal unless you opt to purchase it refurbished. Each of these items is backed by our 14 day return policy if you’re unsatisfied.