Pacific Laser Systems PLS3 Self Leveling Plumb Dot Construction Laser Level
Pacific Laser Systems PLS3 Self Leveling Plumb Dot Construction Laser Level
Pacific Laser Systems PLS3 Self Leveling Plumb Dot Construction Laser Level

Pacific Laser Systems PLS3 Self Leveling Plumb Dot Construction Laser Level

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Details & Specs

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  • When you want to make sure that your next carpentry project goes off without a hitch, be sure to use the PLS 3 self-leveling laser. It comes in a yellow housing with a red, PLS3 label that makes it highly visible on any job site. Use this laser equipment at home or during a professional construction job. It's built for versatility and may be mounted to a wall or secured to a tripod by using the embedded thread on the base. This Pacific Laser Systems laser alignment tool helps you make perfect corners on cabinets, stairs, and any other projects that require precision. Set the cantilevered edge out over your workspace and press the button on the topside to activate the power. Three lasers at 90- and 180-degree angles immediately illuminate. These beams are visible to about 60 feet in outdoor conditions before the light is lost to the human eye. This PLS level system offers red-beam visibility with the option of using an optional receiver in difficult operational situations. This PLS 3 laser helps you to work efficiently at your favorite hobbies with the help of several features like the auto-level. There is no need to have a level bubble or plumb bob around, since there is a pendulum mechanism within the PLS unit that helps you create precise up, down, and horizontal beams. You are also able to lift this product with ease because it weighs only 12 ounces. Thanks to the high level of accuracy produced by the red beam of this laser, your next handmade wooden bookshelf or cedar chest can have beautiful, professional results. Put this self-leveling device at a slight angle and offer six degrees of adjustable range. When the PLS 3 is too far out of its point-to-point range, it immediately shuts off to let you know that accuracy is compromised. This PLS point laser is also great for your next picture-hanging project, as the laser's 0.25-inch accuracy at 100 feet helps users hang frames perfectly straight. With its 4.5-inch width, fit this point-to-point accessory into almost any ceiling or floor corner. Perform drywall, tile, or other layout installations with visual points on the materials that are perfectly straight because of the electronic leveling performed by the interior, printed circuit board. You never run out of power because the PLS3 electrical components are run by three, AA-size batteries. The power supply door is hidden underneath the unit. Slide the battery door off these accessories, replace the batteries, and the unit has another 30 hours of operation to go. It's also possible to use rechargeable AAs in the PLS3 lasers. Use the Pacific Laser Systems self-leveling hand tool for all of your precision needs around the home or construction site. Your walls, furniture, and other measurements are as accurate as possible with the PLS-60523.

What's Included

  • PLS3 laser
  • Stand

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