Power Probe ECT2000 Diagnostic Short / Open Circuit Finder For All Vehicles

Power Probe ECT2000 Diagnostic Short / Open Circuit Finder For All Vehicles

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This item is pre-owned. Please view condition details below. The kit is likely missing a couple of probes and leads that originally came with it.  


Details & Specs

This information is to be used for reference only. Accessories or warranties mentioned may not apply to this listing. Please check the accessories section and photos to see everything that comes with this item.

Power Probe ECT2000 short circuit finder - excellent piece of kit sold by the worlds major tool companies such as Snap On. Designed to make easy work of locating and tracing open or short circuits within the electrical system. The two main components are the "SMART" transmitter & receiver. These are used to follow a signal along the cable to find the fault, even pointing you in the right direction. The ECT2000 can also be used to detect intermittent faults on connectors by hooking up the "SMART" transmitter and receiver and the wriggle, flex, push and pull on the connectors to identify the fault.

What's Included

  • ECT2000 transmitter
  • ECT2000 receiver
  • Leads and clip set shown (may be missing some)
  • Case

    Functional Condition - Excellent

    We checked out this item for functionality & found to be in excellent condition.  When you get the item, it will have all features and functions fully operational.

    Cosmetic Condition – Above Average

    Cosmetically speaking, it looks to be in above average cosmetic shape for an item of this type with only the most minor of cosmetic wear as shown. To be more specific, here is what we noticed: Minimal wear.