Roland DJ-99 Rare 2 Channel DJ Mixer w/ DVD & innoFader
Roland DJ-99 Rare 2 Channel DJ Mixer w/ DVD & innoFader
Roland DJ-99 Rare 2 Channel DJ Mixer w/ DVD & innoFader
Roland DJ-99 Rare 2 Channel DJ Mixer w/ DVD & innoFader

Roland DJ-99 Rare 2 Channel DJ Mixer w/ DVD & innoFader

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Details and Specs

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Roland went old school with the design of their 909 Celebration Special DJ-99 mixer. A classic 2-channel DJ mixer, the DJ-99 offers great-feeling knobs, adjustable faders, and all the basic controls you need. All the controls are totally robust, and one look at the DJ-99 is enough to tell you that this mixer is made to last. Both channels include 3-band EQ with dedicated trim controls and a 3-way I/O switch. In addition to line and phono inputs, there are DVS send and returns onboard for use with timecode vinyl. What's more, both the DJ-99's channel faders and the crossfader include curve and fader reverse functions. 

Tweak your rig with the Audio Innovate mini innoFADER

Speaking of the crossfader, the seasoned DJs here can't help but applaud Roland for their choice of an Audio Innovate mini innoFADER, one of the most popular crossfaders among professional DJs. For starters, this non-contact, capacitor-based crossfader feels fantastic, and it lasts for well over four million cycles. The 2ms max delay and response satisfy the most discerning scratch artists, and you can't knock the 256-step resolution. The DJ-99's top panel already lets you adjust the crossfader curve and reverse it, but if you want to dive under the hood, you can fine-tune the mini innoFADER's cut-in and response times, allowing you to get the exact feel you like.

Roland DJ-99 DJ Mixer Features:

  • A classic-style 2-channel DJ mixer that's built for daily professional use
  • Great-feeling textured knobs let you control levels and 3-band channel EQs
  • Channel faders and crossfader include curve knobs and reverse buttons
  • Replaceable Audio Innovate mini innoFADER crossfader includes fine tuning
  • Supports phono and line inputs with DVS send/return loops of both channels

What's Included

  • DJ-99 mixer
  • Power cable

  • Functional Condition – Excellent

    We checked this item out for functionality & found it to be in excellent condition.  When you get the item, it will have all features and functions fully operational.

    Cosmetic Condition – Average

    Cosmetically speaking, it looks to be in average cosmetic shape for an item of this type with a typical amount of cosmetic wear to a comparable item of its age and use as shown. To be more specific, here is what we noticed:  Typical signs of normal use.