Sokkia SRX3X Reflectorless Bluetooth Robotic Tracking Total Station w/ RC-TS3 Handle

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Item History - Pre-owned

Manufacturers Description - This information is to be used for reference only. Because the item may be pre-owned, accessories or warranties mentioned in this section may not apply to this specific item. Please check the “Included Accessories” section and photos for more details..

Sokkia SRX3 Robotic Total Station


SRX eliminates the problems of previous remote control systems, which were often stressful and time-consuming to use

With SRX, there's:

  • No more waiting for the total station to lock on to the prism
  • No more lost targets and unreliable tracking
  • No more accidental sighting of other reflective objects


SRX achieves "stress-free complete remote control" with a combination of SRX series auto-tracking and an RC-PR3 on-deman remote control system. This powerful combination eliminates operator stress and increases productivity immediately.


On-Demand Remote Control System

The on-demand Remote Control System emits a laser fan beam that is detected by the RC detector unit in the SRX handle. SRX quickly rotates in the direction of the prism, auto-points and starts measurement right away.

The RC-PR3 unit is equipped with a directional sensor to ensure that SRX always rotates in the shortest direction, dramatically speeding up one-touch target acquisition.


Quick Start!

Simply press the measurement key and SRX will rotate toward the prism and immediately start measurement. SRX is available in both full robotic and upgradeable auto-pointing configurations.


Focus on Where You're Going!

With SRX, you can smoothly continue measurement even if buildings, trees or passing traffic interrupt the line of sight. Even the roughest terrain poses no problem for SRX. All you need to do is pay attention to your footing and SRX will take care of the rest. If target loss should occur, press the measurement key and the on-demand remote control unit will automatically capture the prism using the on-board directional sensor, allowing you to continue without missing a beat.


False Sighting Recovery

If SRX gets caught sighting another reflective object, the on-demand remote control system quickly calls it back to the prism. Recovery and measurement are done at the push of a button.


Ergonomic Handle

The removable, ergonomically designed handle incorporates both Bluetooth wireless technology and the RC detector in one sleek design.


Compact Telescope Unit

SRX features a compact high performance telescope unit. Perform rough sighting easily even while wearing a hard hat.


Guide Light Unit

Sokkia's guide light unit assists in setting out measurements. It consists of two different color LEDs emitted from a single aperture and can be easily determined at both long and short ranges. A special flashing pattern is also included to assist users with color weakness.


Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

The battery box is located for easy-access to make battery replacement efforless. SRX comes with two rechargeable large capacity Li-Ion batteries as standard.


Jog Dials / Trigger Key

Jog dials have a comfortable finger fit and change instrument rotation speed according to how fast the dials are turned. A handy trigger key lets you take a measurement without taking your eye from the telescope. The jog dials include additional customizable settings for individual applications.


Color Display / Illuminated Keyboard

SRX features a color LCD touch panel display. The display has high angle visibility and subtle contrast for maximum visibility. The full alphanumeric keyboard has concave keys that can be easily pressed by hand or with the stylus and is illuminated to let you see what you are doing under any environmental condition.


Environmental Protection

Featuring advanced protection against dust and water, SRX is able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. IP64 compliant.


Completely Cable-Free

SRX and the RC-PR3 are 100% wireless. No more cables to untangle, trip over or forget. License-free long-range data communication is easily performed using Bluetooth Class 1 wireless technology.



Angle measurement Photoelectrical absolute encoder scanning. Both circles adopt diametrical detection
Display resolutions (selectable) 1" / 5", 0.2 / 1mg, 0.005 / 0.02mil
Accuracy (ISO17123-3) 3" / 1mg / 0.015mil
Automatic dual-axis compensator Dual-axis liquid tilt sensor, Working range: +4' (+74mg), out-of-range warning display and audio beep provided
Distance measurement Modulated laser, phase comparison method with red laser diode
Measuring range (slope distance) Reflectorless: 0.3 to 500m (1 to 1,640ft.) (White side, 90% reflective)
Accuracy (ISO 17123-4) Reflectorless: 0.3 to 200m (1 to 650ft.): +(3 + 2ppm x D)mm
Auto-tracking Pulse laser transmitter and CCD detector with co-axial optics
Range With ATP1 Prism: 5 to 500m (16.4 to 1,640ft)
Auto-pointing Pulse laser transmitter and CCD detector with co-axial optics
Range With ATP1 prism: 2 to 600m (6.5 to 1,960ft.)
With AP01 prism: 2 to 1,000m (6.5 to 3,280ft.)

Functional Condition - Full Functionality - This item is in full working order with all features operational.

Functionality Notes (if any) - Calibration status is unknown.

Cosmetic Condition - Average - It looks to be in average cosmetic shape for an item of this type with a typical amount of cosmetic wear to a comparable item of its age and use as shown.

Cosmetic Notes (if any) - The LCD Screen is fully functional but has some wear in the UV Coating which causes some very minot Dust-Like blemishes as shown in images. Plum-bob is not original.