YTK-150 Fully Automatic Desktop Round Bottle Beer Wine Etc. Production Labeling Machine

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Item History - Pre-owned

Manufacturers Description - This information is to be used for reference only. Because the item may be pre-owned, accessories or warranties mentioned in this section may not apply to this specific item. Please check the “Included Accessories” section and photos for more details..

This round bottle labeling is mostly suitable for labeling round object with label length that covers less than half of the bottle circumference, due to the mechanical structure building of this machine, it’s not very good at the labeling long labels that covers all around bottle. You can still use it if you don’t care too much about the miss alignment of the head and tail of the label, usually it will result in 1~2mm miss-alignment. For better alignment accuracy of labeling long labels, please choose another machine with bottle clamping mechanism.

Bottle Sensor Indicator

This indicator will be on when the bottle passing by or block the bottle sensor, after that, it will send signal to the label motor to output the label if the Labeller switch is on.

Label Sensor Indicator

This indicator showing the label sensor status, it will be on when the sensor sees the gap between each sensor, then it sends signal to the label motor to stop output label.

This sensor needs to be set with your own label, for this part, please referring to How To Set Label Sensor at the end of this manual.


If this is on, that means the EMG button is pressed and machine will stop all actions, you can rotate the red button to resume. You should always press down this emergency button if the machine is doing something wrong or not working as expected.


If this is on, that means machine itself has some issue, you can try to reboot the machine to clear this error, If the errors still persist, please contact us for

support. Our technician will help you diagnose and provide solutions.

When bottle sensor sees a bottle, it'll signal label motor to dispense

label. We use this setting to delay this process to avoid premature

label output.

Labeller Switch

This switch controller whether if the label motor should output label or not when the bottle sensor is triggered. Keep this switch off when you’re adjusting the bottle sensor, otherwise you’ll wasting labels and get messy.

Conveyor Switch

This switch controls the power of the two speed controllers on the panel which controls two conveyors on the machine. The horizontal conveyor is responsible for conveying bottles, the vertical one is for rubbing against the bottle and make the bottle rotating.


We have a counter which shows current and max counting number, you can use this function to manage your production. The reset button will reset the current counting to zero.





AC220V/110V 50-60HZ




Round bottle

Labeling speed

10-40 times/min

Labeling accuracy


Min.label roll inner diameter


Max. label roll out diameter


Product size (Bottle diameter)


Label size

W: 10-150mm, L:0-200mmH0-220mm

Machine size


Machine weight

138 kg

Functional Condition - Full Functionality - This item is in full working order with all features operational.

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Cosmetic Condition - Average - It looks to be in average cosmetic shape for an item of this type with a typical amount of cosmetic wear to a comparable item of its age and use as shown.

Cosmetic Notes (if any) -

Included Accessories - Labeling machine, Power cord